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Coquí Content Marketing // Sarah Ratliff


“Ever since Jamie joined the Coquí Content Marketing team, wonderful things have happened. Whether we can "blame" it on her extensive skills or the fact that she puts her heart into everything she does, Coquí Contet Marketing benefits in myriad ways."

Smart Hustle Magazine// Ramon Ray


“Over the past year, Jamie has exceeded my expectations. In order to grow a successful and thriving business and entrepreneur must have an amazing team. Jamie is a critical and key component of my team. Her breadth and grasp of an array of business concepts, operational best practices and technology are impressive. Jamie is fun to work with, timely, pro-active and just overall an amazing professional who I am honored to work with."

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Juliet Funt Group// Juliet Funt


“I’ve lived for many years with “good enough” assistants but my freedom as an executive really began when Jamie came aboard. Having someone as efficient and thoughtful and sharp as she is has allowed me to lift up over most of the minutia and really focus on top priorities. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our company is on target for it’s best year ever, and my life feels SO much more supported and relaxed."

EnergizeGrowth, LLC// Lisa Nirell


“I have worked with a variety of virtual assistants and events managers since launching my business 16 years ago. Some view themselves as "vendors." Others act as if they are the guardians of your brand. They work hard to protect it. The latter quality describes Jamie. 

She works tirelessly to understand my needs and keeps me very organized. In addition, she looks for affordable, practical solutions to my administrative and resource challenges. 

Jamie isn't an outside "vendor." She is a trusted colleague. I look forward to our future collaboration!"

Waterfront Restoration, LLC // Tom Suerth


"She delivers solid quality results with everything she does, often going above and beyond what was requested, but in less or equal to the amount of time expected, and before the deadline. We look forward to continuing to work with her!”

Boarding School Review// Javier Colayco


“I worked with Jamie extensively for over a year - she was an invaluable member of our team! Very efficient, organized and professional - most importantly I could trust her with our most important tasks and projects. She picks up on things quickly and pro-actively suggests improvements in her and the team's workflow - a great person to work with.”

Visionary Leadership// Seth Kahan


“Jamie Frayer is by far, by leaps and bounds, the most professional and powerful executive support I have ever experienced. I will never let her go! She is efficient and proactive. She has contributed not just by executing tasks, but by helping me see what I could do better, how I can get better results with my clients and most importantly how to do it."

Clean Cubes, LLC // Javier Colayco


“Jamie has been an invaluable member of the team, helping out on our various administrative duties and tasks. She's very thorough, professional and communicates very well with our clients. She's also very good at providing insightful suggestions, taking initiative when given a loose set of directions, and just overall great to work with.”

MyndBend  // Gregg Barash


“Jamie has been a great addition to the team. We especially appreciate that she continuously seeks improvements to the process.”

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