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I'm Jamie Frayer. I started Precision Executive Services because I’m passionate about supporting thought leaders as they increase their impact, profits, and life satisfaction.  

  • Are you a speaker, author, or entrepreneur who would like to spend more time working at your highest value?

  • Are you ready to scale your business, but concerned about overcommitting?

  • Are you caught up in low-value tasks that keep you from addressing higher priorities? any of the above, you need a Director of Operations on your 

Team—someone who can help you find your cruising altitude for focused work while keeping everything flowing smoothly below. 

I help my clients stay organized, meet deadlines, and maintain crucial relationships. I surround them with seamless operational and personal support. If this sounds appealing, let’s talk. In under 30 minutes we can determine if there’s a fit between what you need and what I do.​

“Having someone as efficient and thoughtful and sharp as Jamie has allowed me to lift up over most of the minutia and really focus on top priorities. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our company is on target for it’s best year ever, and my life feels SO much more supported and relaxed.”

— Juliet Funt, Founder/CEO at JFG (Juliet Funt Group)

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